Monday, 4 March 2013

Accommodation - Invited Guests (Sikkim University Guest House)

S. No Name and Mobile No. M/F Designation Address Date and Time of Journey Allotement of Hotel/ GH with Room No.
Arrival Depr.
1.  Dr. S.P. Vij M Prof. Emeritus Chandigarh Univ. 7/3/13
Bdg      AI-879   1.30PM
Room N. 1
2.  Dr.Promila Pathak
F Assitant Editor
Chandigarh 7/3/13
Bdg      AI-879   1.30PM
Room N. 2
3.  Dr. A.K. Bhatnagar
With Wife
M Vise Pressidant TOSI Delhi 7/3/13 
Bagdogra   AI-879   1.30PM
Room N. 3
4.  Dr, H. J Choudhari M BSI Dehradun 7/3/13
Bagdogra  Spice Jet SG881
Room N. 4
5.  Prof.Shashi Babbar
with family
M Professor Univ. of Delhi 7/3/13
Bagdogra    AI-879  1.30PM
Room N. 5
Dr. P.K. Rajeevan M Dean KAU, Trichur 7/3/13,
Bgd    AI879   1.30pm
10/3,2.05, AI880 Room N. 6
7.  Pro. Purushottam Koushik M Dean Haridwar 7/3/13,
Bgd AI879  1.30pm
8.  Dr. Suman Kumaria F Professor NEHU, Shilong 7/3/2013 Room N. 7
9.  Dr. Madhumita Talukdar F Professor AAU, Jorhat 7/3/2013
10.  Dr. A.N. Rao M Director GCEHR Manipur 7/3/13, Bgd   Go Air G8 151  2.35 pm   Room N. 8
11.  Dr. S.R. Rao M Professor NEHU Meghalay 9/3/13 
NJP  AwadhAssam5.00 am

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